Ground Nesting Bees Community Science Project

Location: Various

Coordinating Agency: Project GNBee (Cornell University)

Contact Name: Jordan Kueneman

Contact Email:


A research group from Cornell University is looking for assistance in collecting data on ground-nesting bees. Below is a summary of their mission and details regarding their project:

We are a group of researchers from the Entomology Department at Cornell University seeking to promote local community-driven research and conservation for aggregations of ground-nesting bees. To accomplish this aim, we have built a community science project, “Project GNBee”, focused on mapping aggregations of diverse ground-nesting bees. From this, we hope to facilitate the study of their nesting requirements as well as the biology of these bees across space and through time. We are asking a broad community of participants to upload observations they have made of ground-nesting bee aggregations to our iNaturalist project. We currently have nearly ~4,000 observations of over 330 bee species worldwide.

GNBee: website 

iNaturalist: project  

Instagram: projectGNBee

It takes a broad coalition of actors to make a meaningful number of observations that can become a tool for conservation and research. This is a developing project in all our backyards, occurring for the future benefit of ground-nesting bees worldwide. We believe your organization can aid us in collecting data on native bee species populations. Our joint effort is not just meaningful–it is necessary. We hope you would consider helping spread the word regarding this project. Your help is integral to this project’s continued success.

If you have any further questions or would be interested in helping further please feel free to reach out to Dr. Jordan Kueneman at